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gay weddings in portland

Eric & Andy


A flawless takeoff toward smooth sailing

Eric and Andy may have met online—as they explain, on “one of the many apps that the kids likely don’t think is ‘cool’ anymore.” However, we’re confident that anyone would be wildly impressed by the beyond-cool, show-stopping wedding these two pulled off just a couple years later, as they turned our hotel into a winter wonderland-meets-Italian-paradise. The couple only viewed one property (ours!) before making their decision; they loved seeing how the wedding could be coordinated throughout three different spaces—the Wine Cellar for the ceremony, the Game Lounge for the cocktail hour and the Pinot Blanc AB room for the reception. Thanks to their alluring wedding theme “Inverno in Italia (Winter in Italy),” our renowned, Italian-inspired restaurant was another major selling point, too. The wedding followed a vision of transporting guests from Portland to la patria (the motherland), since Eric’s family is Italian and he embraces the culture in all aspects of life. Since Eric and Andy also adore Christmastime, they elegantly incorporated the best aspects of the holiday; think blue, white and silver hues plus festive snowflakes and pine trees.

Photography by Shelby Brakken Photography

Memorable Details

The adventure started with the couple sending save-the-date invites from Italy, where they were also “trying to stuff Italian candies into their suitcase to be given away at the wedding.”

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“The wedding’s food was very critical. Eric, like all Italians, wanted tons of food and many courses; Stephanie did not disappoint. We were able to have menus with multiple selections for each course, and sufficient courses to keep our dads from complaining about not enough food.”

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The music, a selection of songs important to both Eric and Andy, alternated between Christmas songs and Italian pop music.

portland oregon hotel suite for wedding
gay weddings in portland
gay weddings in portland
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West Coast Events Productions, along with the Hotel Vintage, transformed the setting into a winter wonderland, filling the reception room with the scent of pine trees, white Christmas trees, blue lighting and video screens playing the safety demonstration video from Alitalia – Italy’s national carrier.

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real weddings gay couple

“Stephanie also seemed connected to us – we trusted her immediately. That type of connection is important for a very emotional and pivotal day.”

The couple screened charming interview footage of friends and families answering questions about the pair — “not a slideshow, something much more hilarious and personalized.”

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As guests arrived to the cellar room ceremony, Stephanie passed out bellinis; ambient noise—cleverly recorded in train stations in Milan and Rome—was piped in overhead.

“The experience was one for the record books; everyone said they had never been to a wedding like it before – better yet, it was their favorite. This speaks volumes to the hotel, the staff and the folks who helped put it together. I would trust no one else with this responsibility.”